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Live Vitality Medical Coupons

You can save 10% in your purchase by applying the discount code “SAVE10” in your cart. Vitality Medical is currently providing 10% discount on First purchase for those who sign up with valid email ids.

Vitality Medical’s Free shipping Promotions – Exclusions

Vitality Medical’s Free shipping promotions are not valid for International orders. Free shipping promotions may not be available for the following items purchased in Vitality Medical: Some Incontinence products. Liquid items. Gauze. Gloves. Other heavy items. For updated information on Promotion exclusions, please check Vitality Medical’s webpage.

What products are excluded in Vitality Medical’s promotional coupons?

As on 15th January 2021, the following products are excluded in Vitality Medical’s promo offers. Even if you apply the online promo code that you receive by email or newsletter will not be valid. Vitality Medical Promotion Coupon Exemptions Products by ResMed™. Some oxygen concentrators and accessories. Drive Medical Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, Bellavita Bath Lift, […]

What are the types of Intermittent Catheter

Intermittent catheters vary in terms of types, materials, and sizes. Major catheter brands are Coloplast, Cure Medical and Hollister. Catheters can be Latex, Silicone or Vinyl based. Latex catheters are very flexible and soft. Silicone catheters are comparatively smoother, more durable, and firmer than latex. Vinyl catheters are the firmest type, but they can still […]

Cure Medical

Cure Medical was founded in 2007 at Newport Beach, California by Bob Yant. The management system of Cure Medical adheres to ISO 13485:2016 standards and certified till 2022-08-22. (Cure Medical ISO certificate) Bob Yant, the founder of Cure Medical, is a C-5 spinal cord injury victim and hence provides 10% of their net income towards funding […]

ResMed AirView

AirView is a cloud-based patient management system from ResMed. AirView has disrupted the conventional patient monitoring methods by Health professionals. It enables them to quickly access patient data online, share clinical insights with other health professionals and reduce costs involved in patient follow-up. Which ResMed devices has wireless connectivity to AirView platform? ResMed’s following advanced devices […]

AirFit N20 sizing guide

How to Determine the Size of your AirFit N20 mask?

ResMed AirFit N20 masks are in three sizes – Large, Medium and Small. You need to choose the size of the mask before ordering one. You can also measure your nose width with a ruler. Match your nose measurements (in mm) corresponding to the following sizes: Small: 23-37 mm Medium: 30-45 mm Large: 45-55 mm […]

ResMed AirFit N20 classic

How to wear AirFit N20 Classic mask?

Step 1 – Release the lower headgear straps of ResMed AirFit N20 Classic mask. Step 2 – Hold the mask against your face and pull the headgear over your head. Step 3 – Bring lower straps below your ears and loop them into the mask frame. Step 4 – Adjust Velcro tabs on upper headgear […]

SoClean2 $70 instant rebate 4th of July offer

As part of the 4th of July (US Independence Day) celebration, SoClean has offered $70 instant rebate on purchase of SoClean2 machine. The product comes with two years warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. If you shop via FSA/HSA debit card, SoClean 2 is eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement. SoClean2 can be purchased […]

SoClean $50 Prepaid Mastercard Rebate

Offer valid till June 30, 2020 How to claim the $50 rebate? Purchase a SoClean 2 between March 2, 2020 and June 30, 2020. Enclose the completed mail-in rebate form. Enclose your dated proof of purchase in the form of an order confirmation, receipt, or invoice for a SoClean 2. Mail all items in a […]