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Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator by AirSep

Smallest portable oxygen concentrator

AirSep Focus is the Smallest and Lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) in the world available today. Being the smallest, it is usually referred as Focus Miniature in the POC market. AirSep Focus is the Smallest Oxygen concentrator. Check out the Dimensions: 6.4 in. high x 4.8 in. wide x 2.5 in. deep (16.4 cm high x […]

Philips CoughAssist T70 Accesories

Purchase Philips Respironics CoughAssist T70 at best price online Compare prices Item Code T70 Accessory Description 1032584 Pollen Air Filter for T70 1043570 T70 Lithium Battery 1044186 Adapter, Facemask – 22mm Outside x 22mm Outside 1044187 Medium Adult Facemask 1044188 Small Adult Facemask 1044189 Toddler Facemask 1044190 Infant Facemask 1046860 Filter for T70 1046861 Large […]

APAP Machines

What is an APAP Machine? An APAP machine is used to treat Sleep Apnea that automatically adjusts therapy pressure on a breath-by-breath basis. APAP machines are advanced from CPAP machines because they can operate at any pressure range between 4 – 20, while a CPAP machine operates at one set pressure. Benefit of an APAP […]

IntelliPAP AutoBiLevel CPAP Machines Online

Easy-to-read LCD display Patented Flow RoundingTM Technology Pressure support range of 0-12 cmH2O Respiratory Event Detection Automatic pressure adjustment Pressure delay settings Whisper Quite at 26dBA Free SmartCode Reports Three Large Buttons DV57D Without Heated Humidifier, Without SmartLink Module and Data Card DV57D-HH With Heated Humidifier, Without SmartLink Module and Data Card DV57D-HH-S With Heated […]

Pulmo Aide 5610D

DevilBiss Pulmo Aide 5610D

Pulmo Aide 5610D Nebulizer is 1993 model from DevilBiss. This nebulizer product is discontinued and some Pulmo Aide 5610D parts are still available in the market. 5610D is replaced with Current model Pulmo Aide 5650D, which comes with Compressor and Disposable Nebulizer. The service manual provided by DevilBiss in 1996 has information on Servicing the […]

DevilBiss Pulmo Aide 5650D Nebulizer

DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide is one of the market leaders in effective aerosol treatments (Nebulizers) for more than three decades. The DeVilbiss Pulmo Aide is the only approved compressor for therapies with TOBI (Tobramycin solution for inhalation). Highlights of Pulmo Aide 5650D Maximum compressor pressure – 30 psig or higher Compressor free air flow – 9 lpm […]