CPAP stands for Continuous positive airway pressure.

How CPAP mahcines work?

CPAP machine is a type of positive airway pressure ventilator. CPAP machines apply mild air pressure on a continuous basis, thereby keeping the respiratory airways in patients continuously open.

Who needs CPAP machines?

People who can breathe spontaneously on their own, but require assistance in keeping their respiratory airway unobstructed. Most people with ‘Sleep Apnea’ disorder uses CPAP machine.

What is the difference between PEEP and CPAP?

PEEP and CPAP machines help in maintaining the alveoli open and enables more of the lung’s surface area for ventilation. PEEP devices impose positive airway pressure at the end of exhalation, whereas CPAP devices apply constant continuous positive pressure throughout inhalation-exhalation cycle. In CPAP machines, ventilator does not cycle and provide additional pressure above the CPAP level. Therefore, people who use CPAP devices should initiate their breaths themselves.