Inogen is a public listed company, listed in NASDAQ:INGN. The company has products presence in 46 countries and considered as a market leader in Oxygen Therapy Machines.

Inogen was founded by the drive to develop a Better Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC). In 2001, three students, Ali, Brenton, and Byron, founded Inogen to improve the life of Mae, a beloved grandmother as well as the millions of patients like her. The traditional and restrictive oxygen therapy needed a dynamic change. Inogen has stepped in at the right time to provide innovative, user centric and market driven Oxygen Therapy products, mainly POCs.

Today, Inogen strives in reaching out its products across the globe, aimed at improving lives. Inogen has got an established network of HME dealers, Service providers and Resellers.

Innovation lead to Market leading Advantages

Portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are self-replenishing and does not need traditional Oxygen Tanks. POCs create unlimited supply of oxygen that is concentrated from the surrounding air and operate without regular oxygen deliveries.

Therefore, portable oxygen concentrators has eliminated the requirement of infrastructure and physical delivery model in Oxygen therapy. Inogen believes that POCs can provide long term oxygen therapy with a lower cost structure.

Products designed from Patients’ Preferences

Since 2001, Inogen creates best-­in­-class portfolio of Portable Oxygen Concentrators. Inogen utilizes direct patient feedback in its market research and product development efforts to further innovate its technology and products. Inogen has become the most preferred brand for POCs in recent years.

Inogen has confirmed the launch of Non-Invasive Tidal Assist Ventilator product in the name InogenTAV this year. This launch is expected to be the promising start for a new Inogen product line.

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Inogen Revenue each year 2009-2019 and 2020 expected revenue
Source: Inogen Company – Corporate Presentation
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