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Pulmo Aide 5610D

DevilBiss Pulmo Aide 5610D

Pulmo Aide 5610D Nebulizer is 1993 model from DevilBiss. This nebulizer product is discontinued and some Pulmo Aide 5610D parts are still available in the market. 5610D is replaced with Current model Pulmo Aide 5650D, which comes with Compressor and Disposable Nebulizer. The service manual provided by DevilBiss in 1996 has information on Servicing the […]

DevilBiss Pulmo Aide 5610D Nebulizer Parts

DEVILBISS TUBING CONNECTOR: Before ordering Tubing Connector for Pulmo Aide 5610D, check the manufacturing date and Serial Number to check compatibility. Serial number should be before 856478. Manufacturing date should be before March, 2002. The serial number should be printed on your compressor’s underside. Description Prescription Packing Black tubing connector for air outlet used on […]