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BD 367960

Brand Name: BD VacutainerĀ® Plus plastic PST tube. Dimensions: 13×75 mm Draw Volume: 3.0 mL Color of the Closure: Light green Closure type: BD Hemogard™ closure Total Shelf Life: 365 days Sterile: Sterilized product by Colbalt radiation Sterilization Method Latex Statement: Not made with natural rubber latex Type of Tube: PST Label: Paper Lithium Heparin […]

BD Hemograd

What is Hemograd? Hemograd is the closure type introduced in the Vacutainers (Blood collection tubes) of BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company). BD has named it’s innovative Tube closure as Hemograd. Why Hemograd closure is beneficial than Conventional ones? Hemograd prevents human contact with blood on the stopper or tube rim and effectively guards against blood […]

BD Heparin syringe

In the range of Pre filled Syringes, BD has Heprain Syringes. These Pre-filled Heparin syringes may help Catheter to maintain the patency. Patency is maintained by locking the vascular access devices, provided if it is used as per your institution protocol for access maintenance. PosiFlush Pre-Filled Heparin lock flush syringe in supplied by BD in […]

BD Pre filled Flush Syringes

BD has been a reputed medical supplier for decades in US. It has introduced several novel products sensing the demands of the Medical practitioners and Patients. BD has introduced a range of Pre filled Flush Syringes for different applications. BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Heparin Lock Flush Syringe BD PosiFlush Pre-Filled Saline Syringe BD PosiFlush Sterile Field […]