Aspira Drainage System

Aspira Drainage System consists of Bard Aspira Catheter, Drainage and Dressing kits. While Catheter is fixed inside the chest or abdomen, drainage kit can be connected at home for every single drainage.

Catheter fixed in Chest for Pleural drainage
Catheter fixed in Abdomen for Peritoneal drainage Images from Aspira reference Guide

Bard Aspira Catheter is fixed by your doctor in your chest or abdomen to drain fluid in those areas. The catheter lets you drain fluid at home and help prevent or reduce shortness of breath or other symptoms.

Placing of Aspira Catheter:

Your doctor may have put the catheter in your chest (pleural space) or in your abdomen (peritoneal cavity), depending on where fluid accumulates. The doctor makes a small cut for insertion site in your chest or abdominal wall. Through the insertion site, doctor tunneled the catheter under the skin to the place where the catheter exits your body through another Small cut (which is the exit site).

Doctor may make a few stitches at the insertion site and exit site. You have to clean the exit site every time you change the dressing on your Aspira catheter.

How Aspira Drainage Kit work?

The Aspira Drainage Catheter is a soft silicone tube.

  • One end has many holes and this end is inside your body. The fluid enters these holes and flows into the catheter.
  • The other end of the catheter has a valve. This valve is meant to be connected with the Aspira Drainage Bag. Whenever the drainage bag is connected to the catheter, the valve opens.

Disposal of Drainage bag:

When no more fluid is flowing into the drainage bag or the bag
is full, unhook the drainage bag from your catheter. Empty the
drainage bag into the toilet and throw it in the trash.

Do not re-use“. “Do not place it in the recycling bin“.

Note: It is important that you know how to drain and care for your
catheter. You should have been given personal step-by-step instructions by your doctor or nurse. The information in this booklet is for reference only. Call Aspira Customer Service to request a DVD at 1–800–356–3748 (toll free).