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Cure Medical was founded in 2007 at Newport Beach, California by Bob Yant. The management system of Cure Medical adheres to ISO 13485:2016 standards and certified till 2022-08-22. (Cure Medical ISO certificate)

Bob Yant, the founder of Cure Medical, is a C-5 spinal cord injury victim and hence provides 10% of their net income towards funding research to cure SCI and CNS/D. Every purchase of Cure Medical product helps to provide a donation to researching treatment for spinal cord injury and other neurology related disorders.

Cure Medical manufactures sterile, singe use catheters designed for optimum safety, comfort and ease of use. The following are the Catheter product range from Cure Medical:

  • Cure Catheter® for Men
  • Cure Catheter® for Women
  • Cure Medical® Pediatric Catheter
  • Cure Coude Catheter for Men
  • Cure Hydrophilic Catheter for Men
  • Cure Hydrophilic Catheter with Coude Tip
  • Cure Pediatric Hydrophilic Catheter
  • Cure Twist® – Ready to Use for Women
  • Cure Ultra® – Ready to Use for Men
  • Cure Ultra® – Ready to Use for Women
  • Cure Medical® Pocket Catheters
  • Cure M14XL Extra Long Catheter
  • Cure Catheter® Closed System
  • Cure Medical® Catheter Insertion Kit
  • Cure Medical® Extension Tube

Smooth Polished Eyelets are present on all Cure Medical Catheters. All these eyelets have smooth polished edges and are made using an ultrasonic process. Smooth polished eyelets provide maximum comfort and safety for the catheter patients.

High magnification Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) imaging of an eyelet on two national brand catheters and a Cure Medical catheter shows difference in quality that is seen and felt. Courtesy: Cure Medical website

Cure Medical does not use following chemicals in all their Catheter products:

  1. DEHP Free
  2. DINP Free
  3. BPA Free
  4. NR-Latex Free

DEHP (diethylhexyl phthalate) and DINP (diisononyl phtlalate) is a chemical that adds flexibility to the plastics. This substance may cause cancer and some adverse effects in reproduction. Although DEHP is used in most PVC catheter manufacturing, Cure Medical catheters are all free from DEHP.

BPA (bisphenol A) is an additive widely used in polycarbonate plastics that may create problems on the brain, prostate gland and behavior of fetuses, infants and children. Cure Medical catheters are free from BPA.

NR-Latex or Natural Rubber Latex is the raw material for all rubber products. Many individuals react negatively to NR-Latex products. NR-Latex is an irritant for many people and for some even slight exposure can cause an immediate allergic reaction. Cure Medical products are all free form NR-Latex.

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