CPAP Supplies Replacement Schedule

Unless the CPAP machine stops working or there is severely worn, we do not mind about replacing the CPAP parts. This is of course due to our busy schedule or attempts to save a few dollars.

Why to follow CPAP parts replacement correctly?

We need to first understand and accept that CPAP supplies are manufactured to be disposed after using for a period of time. Their disposable nature is to meet the standard medical standards. For example, though the air filter appears in shape and clean, it cannot effectively protect your from micro particles after using for a month or two. Therefore Air filters need to be replaced every month to prevent micro particles entering your respiratory tract.

To have a proper health, taking care of respiration is critical. All the respiratory devices have direct impact on your respiratory health and proper maintenance of those devices is necessary. You are requested to follow the industry standard CPAP supplies replacement schedule for best health results.

Standard Replacement Schedule for CPAP supplies

CPAP Supplies
Replacement Time Reason for replacement
Disposable FiltersOnce a month
Disposable Filters are meant to be replaced regularly so that minute particles can be prevented from entering respiratory tract

Cushions and PillowsOnce a Month
After a month’s use, cushions and pillows wear out and cause leaks. Replacing them will make your sleep therapy effective.

Oral, Nasal, Nasal Pillow and Full Face Masks
Every 3 Months
Masks can deteriorate slowly after every usage, which may result in leaks and discomfort on face.

TubingEvery 3 Months
Tubing gets worn out in a few months of usage. Leakage, loosely fit ends may affect the air quality. On replacing the tubing, the air you are breath in becomes clean and safe.

Headgear, ChinstrapsEvery 6 Months
Headgear and Chinstraps will loose elasticity as they are frequently stretched. They become less effective and needs a replacement.

Non-Disposable FiltersEvery 6 Months
After 6 months of usage, these non-disposable filters will not be able to stop fine particles that accumulate in CPAP machine. These filters have to be replaced to ensure good air quality.

Humidifier ChamberEvery 6 Months
Humidifier chamber should be washed with distilled water after every single use. It needs complete replacement every 6 months. If not maintained properly, Minerals deposited in the chamber gets build up and may result in sinus irritation.

CPAP MachineEvery 5 Years
Though not mandatory, consider replacing your CPAP machine every 5 years to stay advanced on the therapy options. Your old CPAP machine can be exchanged or sold as well.

CPAP supplies:

CPAP disposable filter (Brand – Respironics)
CPAP cushion – AirTouch F20
CPAP mask (Brand – Philips Respironics FullLife)
Air Heated CPAP Tubing (Brand – ResMed Climateline)
Headgear (Brand – ResMed AirFit SoftEdge)
CPAP Humidifier water chamber (Brand – ResMed HumidAir)

Without disassembling your CPAP machine, you can sanitize in water less method using SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner