Inogen Connect – Bluetooth

Inogen Connect is a Bluetooth enabled connectivity platform for the Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator (for Inogen One G4 model and higher).

Innogen connect is a free mobile application that is designed to allow your customers to monitor their POCs. It also provides HME providers with a back-end database portal with data on:

  • Equipment health checks for consumables replacement
  • Remote Trouble shooting
  • Usage hours tracking
  • Location tracking
Google Play
Apple Store

Innogen Connect Benefits to HME provider

  • Manage a large quantity of POCs without hassles
  • Locate all of your POC units via the map feature at any given time
  • Obtain more visibility, accountability and control over your POC units
  • Receive alerts and remotely view error messages for each POC unit
  • Address most of the POC issues remotely without a visit
  • Improve operational efficiencies, lower your costs and increase your profit margins

Innogen Connect benefits to Customers:

  • Check battery life
  • Oxygen purity status with alert notifications
  • Proactively monitor column life status
  • Convenient cannula and filter maintenance reports
  • Perform column resets when replacing columns
  • Important software updates
  • Easily access FAQs, troubleshooting tips and the user manual