PureWick Female External Catheters


PureWick is a is a soft, flexible female external catheter for women.

Using low pressure wall suction, the PureWick Female External Catheter wicks urine away from the patient and into a designated collection canister.



PureWick Female External Catheter is a innovative catheter product from BD & Liberator Medical.

PureWick Case of 30 Catheters:

Supplier Price $ Status
discountcatheters.com 576.77 Available
4mdmedical.com 706.48 Available
personallydelivered.com 800.00 Available
buymedical.com 940.18 Available

Single piece of PureWick Catheter:

Supplier Price $ Status
personallydelivered.com 31. 48 Available


PureWick Catheters are Designed for simple, non-invasive urinary incontinence management for women.

  • Helps facilitate early indwelling catheter removal and may thereby help reduce catheter-associated Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) risk.
  • ?It is positioned between the female labia and buttocks.
  • When connected to a vacuum source, low-pressure suction wicks urine away from the body.
  • Designed for use in a reclined position, lying on your side, lying down or while seated.

?Caution:?This product contains dry natural rubber.

?Contraindications: The Purewick?System should not be used on patients with urinary retention.

Free Information Pack:

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