Ritter M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer


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The Ritter M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer meets all your autoclave needs. The M3 is easy to use with a one-step loading operation, push-button cycle selection and automatic door. Most importantly, your instrument are dry and ready to use at the end of every complete cycle. The Ritter family of sterilizers is an all-inclusive solution for your sterilization needs. and, just like the rest of the family, the M3 UltraFast Automatic Sterilizer comes standard with the dependability and reliability that you have come to expect from the Ritter name.

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getmedonline.com 4749.95 Available
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berktree.com 8003.20 Available

Special Features:

  • One-step loading
  • Push-button cycle selection
  • Automatic-opening door
  • Intelligently monitor water levels for worry-free operation
  • Dries instruments in as quickly as 25 minutes
  • Top fill for convenient access to water reservoir
  • Front reservoir drain with on-board drain tube storage
  • Condensate tank with quick release lid, convenient carrying handle and water level sensor

When your practice needs instruments and hand-pieces to be sterilized quickly, the Ritter M3 delivers. Sterilize unwrapped instruments in just 6 minutes and pouched instruments in just over 10 minutes.

You need the assurance, that the sterilizers will function efficiently and effectively every time. As with the entire Midmark sterilizer line, the M3 is designed to last, successfully completing more than 100 specific product component and full product life tests.

In accordance with CDC guidelines, instruments and packaging must be dry after a sterilization cycle and prior to handling. Chamber surface heaters of Ritter M3 remove moisture during the dry cycle, allowing to effectively dry an instrument load in as quickly as 25 minutes.