Smallest portable oxygen concentrator

Focus Portable Oxygen Concentrator by AirSep

AirSep Focus is the Smallest and Lightest Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) in the world available today. Being the smallest, it is usually referred as Focus Miniature in the POC market.

AirSep Focus is the Smallest Oxygen concentrator. Check out the Dimensions: 6.4 in. high x 4.8 in. wide x 2.5 in. deep (16.4 cm high x 12.2 cm wide x 6.1 cm deep)

With no competition in under 2 pounds segment, Airsep Focus Miniature with Device weight of just 1.75 lb (0.8 kg or 800 gram) is absolutely small.

How AirSep Focus is designed?

The device delivers Oxygen at the flow rate of 2 liter per minute. Though the flow rate is comparably small, it is sufficient and perfect for those who wish ultra lightweight POC. With innovative 2 pulse settings and Oxygen flow on demand, Airsep has achieved designing of such a Little and Light POC.

For detailed specifications, manuals and prices, please visit the product page.

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  1. Please do not choose the product just by the size and weight. Compare the flow rate of different POCs and check whether it would be adequate for your application. Most people miss this!!

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