SoClean 2 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer



World’s first automated CPAP cleaning system.

  • No water. No chemicals.
  • No need to Dismantle.
  • Eligible for HSA / FSA reimbursement


SoClean 2 machine cleans your CPAP equipment easily. It is an automated CPAP cleaner, which supplies activated oxygen to clean and sanitize your CPAP equipment. No water and chemicals are used in the cleaning process and is ‘plug and play’ CPAP cleaner.

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There are several options in CPAP machines to make the therapy easy. But cleaning the CPAP equipment has been tough till the introduction of SoClean. SoClean 2 is the latest product with advanced features and benefits.

Cleaning of CPAP machines has been a hassle since they have to be disassembled. In SoClean 2, you need not disassemble the equipment.

SoClean2 does not use water or chemicals, ensuring that the cleaning process produce the least carbon emission.

SoClean 2 is compatible to all the leading CPAP equipment models. You may choose to purchase the adapter separately or as part of the bundle offer with CPAP machine. This cleaning machine works with most combinations of sleep apnea therapy, which includes AutoPAP, BiPAP and CPAP machines.

SoClean 2 machine employs the similar methodology used by medical professionals to sanitize your CPAP equipment. Any germs, bacteria, pathogens or harmful particles can be completely removed from your equipment. With SoClean2, you can ensure that you breath clean air during CPAP therapy.

SoClean 2 has been a game changer in sleep apnea therapy since its launch. The product also covered under manufacturer’s two-year warranty. As cleaning has been made easy, patients can now follow the therapy schedules without delay.

SoClean 2 is eligible for FSA and HSA reimbursement, if you shop via FSA/HSA debit card.

SoClean2 Features

  • Bold front display to help patients of all ages
  • Aesthetic and Simple design
  • Least carbon footprint
  • Easy indication through LED lights during the cleaning cycle
  • Reliable and user friendly cartridge filter mechanism
  • Option to choose left or right hose insertion


  • World’s first automated CPAP cleaning system
  • CPAP equipment need not be disassembled for cleaning
  • Completely sanitized CPAP equipment for therapy
  • No water and chemicals usage ensures any-time usage
  • Same sanitizing methodology used in hospitals

Manufacturer recommendation: Operate the cleaning cycle in your SoClean2 machine every day.

When you purchase the product directly from the manufacturer, the following are included in the purchase:

  • 3 Top SoClean Adapters
  • 1 SoClean 2 Machine
  • 1 1 oz. Pre-Wash (for cleaning equipment prior to first use)
  • 1 Cartridge Filter, Check Valve Assembly (6 month replacement schedule; genuine SoClean Replacement Filter Kits are?available here.)
  • 1 Universal Injection Fitting
  • 1 Side Slot Plug
  • 1 Power Adapter
  • 1 SoClean 2 User Manual

When you purchase the product from other health supplies websites, the bundle offers may vary. Some websites provide free Adapters, Replacement filter kits and Cartridge filters as part of the bundled purchase.

Some CPAP machines especially those with a heated hose (like ResMed AirSense 10 or S9, Philips DreamStation and F&P Icon) need specific adapters. During online purchase, you may also have option to choose adapter separately that could match your CPAP machine.

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