Medical Supplies Required in First Aid Kit

First Aid can be life saving at critical times. In most occasions, First Aid can reduce the severity of the wounds and future complications.

To provide proper First Aid, the person should know the following:

  1. When to do First Aid?

Not all occasions will demand for First Aid. Certain emergency situations need Medical advice and First Aid without Medical knowledge is not advisable. Self medications such as taking tablets without prescription is not First Aid and can be life endangering. Please do First Aid if you are sure of what you are doing.

2. How to do First Aid?

There are several e-books available to learn First Aid. There are some categorized books based on the occasions. For example, First Aid during Trek, First Aid at Home, First Aid during long road trip, etc., You may learn First Aid just for your upcoming plans.

Only after being clear about the first two questions, you need to pick up the Kit items for the First Aid. First Aid Kit will be different based on the needs, where it is placed and who is going to handle.

Though final call on choosing the Kit items is yours, we are helping you understand the Categories of First Aid Kit items and Required items in each category. First Aid Kit items can be categorized into following:

  1. Basic multi purpose items
  2. Diagnostic items
  3. Medicaition items
  4. Injury specific items
  5. Feminine items

Preventive items need not be part of the First Aid Kit. These disease preventive items will help you during outdoor stay and long trips.

  1. RO water or Clean drinking water
  2. Face protection masks
  3. Goggles or Eye protection glasses
  4. Hand Wash, Soap
  5. Alcohol rubs or Hand sanitizer
  6. Portable stove – Electricity or Fuel based depending on location
  7. Matchbox or Lighter
  8. Blankets
  9. Laser or Flashlight
  10. Mosquito repellent
  11. Lotions to protect skin
  12. Disposable bags or Plastic seal-able bags

Important points to note:

  1. Most of the items in the First Aid Kit will have expiry date mentioned. Please note down the list of items, quantity and expiry date in the label. Replace the expired items in the Kit on expiry or few days prior to expiry.
  2. First Aid Kit in home is different from the Kit that is required in the car. First Aid Kit in your Office is different from the Kit that you need in your Farm. Also, you cannot carry the Kit everywhere you go. So try to have separate Kits for separate places.

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